Blogiversary Q&A Answers Part 3 | Blogging and Random Stuff


So, this post is extremely late and extremely long. I actually planned on posting it a few weeks ago but work got in the way of me finishing it. However, as the saying goes, better late than never! Here’s part 3 of my Blogiversary Q&A where I answer all of your blog related and random questions. Be sure to check out parts one and two.

Thanks so much for all of your questions guys! 💕😊

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Blogiversary Q&A Answers Part 1 | All About Books


At the end of last month I celebrated my one year blogiversary by announcing a Q&A. I didn’t realize just how many questions I would end up getting so I’ve decided to separate them into parts as well as categories. Part 1 and 2 are both going to be book questions as I got more book questions than anything and putting them all into one post would make for a very long post. And then Part 3 is going to be the blog related and random questions I received.

Also, there were a few questions that were very similar to each other or exactly the same. For those, I answered them by whoever asked the question first. If you don’t see your questions in this post then be on the lookout for the other ones because they’ll be in one of them. 😊

Thanks so much to everyone who asked me questions! Be sure to check out all of their blogs. 💕

Now onto Part 1 –

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Happy birthday to my blog! + Q&A Announcement


So, my little book blog hit an important milestone last week – it turned a year old! *cue confetti and balloons falling from the ceiling*


I know we all say something similar but I can’t believe I made it to one year on this blog. I go through hobbies like they’re nothing – crocheting, tumblr, making fan videos, writing fanfiction, and Instagram. None of those lasted very long. I even tried knitting once and that was out the window in hours. But somehow this little blog has stuck and I don’t see myself ever giving it up. I attribute that largely to all of the incredible friends I’ve made on here. Some of you I don’t go a day without talking to and honestly my life would be boring without you! I wonder what I even did before joining the book community and how I spent all that time reading books without anyone to share my thoughts with or fangirl with.


I’ve been wracking my brain this past week on what I was going to do for my blogiversary. I wanted to do a giveaway but can’t swing it this month (might do a belated one in a few months instead). So, I decided to just do the Q&A I originally announced in February’s wrap-up.  

I already have a few questions from those comments but…

Does anyone have any questions for me? Book questions? Blog questions? Random questions? 

I’ll be making a separate post to answer all of the questions within the next week or two! 😊