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For my last post for the Corrupt Me blog tour, I’ll be sharing with you guys a guest post from Jill about her favorite new adult book boyfriends. If you haven’t yet check out my review for Corrupt Me and if it piques your interest be sure to add Jill’s book to your TBR or purchase a copy. 💕

Ahh…book boyfriends. How much do we all love it when we find that perfect man in our favorite novel?

I had the ideal man in my head when I wrote Luca Marchese’s character in Corrupt Me. I’ve had a lot of readers tell me that Luca is their new book boyfriend, which makes me happy because that means I’ve done my job as a writer. Luca is a bad boy with a soft side and not your typical Mafia prince. But bad boys are not one size fits all and make for the best book boyfriends. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. It’s the bad boys that get the blood pumping and the juices flowing.

Today, I’d like to share some of my favorite book boyfriends.

The Off-Campus Series by Elle Kennedy


Garrett, Logan, and Dean are college hockey players who are dead sexy with the mouths and the moves to match these smoking hot covers. I read The Deal, The Mistake, and The Score years ago and I’m still fangirling so hard over this series. The Score is all about Dean and he is my favorite of the three. The final book in the series came out in September, but I haven’t had a chance to read it, but knowing Elle, I’m sure it’s just as wonderful. If you like hockey romances with cocky athletes that will make you wish they were real, then check out this series.

Daemon Black – Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout


I discovered the Lux series after reading a lot of blog reviews. The weekend I was editing Corrupt Me to send to my editor I finally decided to buy Obsidian, and I could not put the book down. Daemon Black is not your average bad boy. He’s an alien who reminded me of a young Superman without the cape. There’s a rough and ruggedness about Daemon that I found so incredibly sexy and intriguing. I read the first three books in one weekend because I couldn’t get enough of his character.

Blake Crawford – Smut by Karina Halle


Blake Crawford from Smut is hands-down one of my favorite book boyfriends ever. He’s hot, British, has a dirty mouth, and he can write. Need I say more? In the book, Blake and Amanda are forced to write together for their writing class, and the enemies to lovers trope is by far one of my favorites in new adult books. Oh, and there is steamy hot library sex that you don’t want to miss. This book is a must read for all lovers of romantic comedies.

Vicious – Vicious by L.J. Shen


My latest obsession is Vicious. His real name is Baron, so I was thankful his nickname is Vicious. And boy does that name fit this bad boy. Oh my God is he fine. But he is such an asshole, which is why the name of his group of friends from high school is called the Hotholes. Just that name alone had me curious about this book, and once I opened it, I could not stop reading. His jerk personality is so addicting. LJ Shen is a newish author to me. She writes book crack. I suggest you get them now while they’re still on Kindle Unlimited.

Well, that’s the end of my list. Thank you for having me on your blog. I hope everyone enjoyed this guest post.

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