That’s A Wrap! Reading, Reviews, and What’s Ahead //June-July


I’m going to be trying something a little different this month. Instead of my usual Wrap-Up and TBR, I’m going to make a combination sort of post that I’ll be using from now on because it’ll be a huge time saver.

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May Wrap-Up & Book Haul

I’ve had another crazy month; especially work and school wise. It’s been a tad bit overwhelming and extremely stressful, but a positive is that I actually conquered most of my TBR. I also spent way too much on books. Oops. I need to curb that book buying habit of mine haha.

Anyway! Sorry for the tad lateness of this post. Horrible flooding in the part of Texas I live in caused major mail delays so the main part of my book haul didn’t arrive on time. Which is okay; I’d rather our lovely UPS driver not risk his life driving through that. Seriously mother nature needs to step back and give Texas a break. We’ve had way too much rain!

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April Wrap Up & Book Haul

So this is my first monthly wrap up and book haul. I’ve never done one before so this may seem a little unorganized and I apologize for that.

I’ve had a crazy month! I’ve been in the process of  registering for college, which I start in June, and I’ve been getting used to a new job. Thus I haven’t read as much as I would have liked to. I think I started this blog back at the very end of March and so far I’ve only been able to post three reviews. I’m hoping to change that next month!

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