Blogiversary Q&A Answers Part 3 | Blogging and Random Stuff


So, this post is extremely late and extremely long. I actually planned on posting it a few weeks ago but work got in the way of me finishing it. However, as the saying goes, better late than never! Here’s part 3 of my Blogiversary Q&A where I answer all of your blog related and random questions. Be sure to check out parts one and two.

Thanks so much for all of your questions guys! 💕😊

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Blogiversary Q&A Answers Part 1 | All About Books


At the end of last month I celebrated my one year blogiversary by announcing a Q&A. I didn’t realize just how many questions I would end up getting so I’ve decided to separate them into parts as well as categories. Part 1 and 2 are both going to be book questions as I got more book questions than anything and putting them all into one post would make for a very long post. And then Part 3 is going to be the blog related and random questions I received.

Also, there were a few questions that were very similar to each other or exactly the same. For those, I answered them by whoever asked the question first. If you don’t see your questions in this post then be on the lookout for the other ones because they’ll be in one of them. 😊

Thanks so much to everyone who asked me questions! Be sure to check out all of their blogs. 💕

Now onto Part 1 –

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What I Do While I’m In A Reading Slump


So, it’s been a bit since I last posted and while I have been around commenting it hasn’t been as consistent as it once was. I’ve been overwhelmed with school the past two months and then I also fell into my worst reading slump ever. As in I haven’t finished a book in over a month. What have I been doing instead of reading? Well, in lieu of a wrap up as I haven’t been around or reading a lot this month I figured I’d do a little post about what I do while I’m in a reading slump. Luckily I’ve been slowly crawling my way out of my reading slump, but this has pretty much been me for the past month and a half.

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Love Triangles. Are there exceptions?


Love triangles, a trope most of us really don’t like. Not only can it take away from the plot of a book but it can hinder character development and sometimes it just feels like a meaningless thing thrown in for extra tension or drama. It’s kind of like those filler episodes for tv shows that are added to prolong something. Pointless.

I avoid such books at all cost. If the synopsis of a book even hints at a love triangle I won’t read it. However, there are those books that don’t hint at it in the synopsis that I end up picking up. Sometimes I enjoy them despite it and sometimes I don’t (more often than not I don’t). But the fact that I do enjoy some of them got me thinking – are there exceptions?Read More »

Waiting on Wednesday #2 (On a Thursday)

I’m purposely posting this a day late because I was waiting for The Song Rising cover reveal haha. *pretends it’s Wednesday*

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event/post hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that someone is eagerly anticipating!

This week I’m spotlighting The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon! Which actually isn’t released until March of next year. But let me tell you; I’ve been waiting for this book since February of 2015. I devoured The Mime Order in less than a week. Which is quick for me. (Ah I miss the days where I could read more than one book a day.) So yeah it’s been a long wait so far and still an even longer wait until March 2017. However, I have a feeling it’s going to be more than worth the waiting. 🙂

Release Date: March 2017

Genre: YA/Adult, Fantasy, Dystopia
Synopsis (source):

“On the eve of a new decade, after two hundred years of Scion rule, a revolution is beginning. Its unlikely cradle is the clairvoyant underworld in London, and even an old ally’s betrayal cannot stop it.

But an enemy from Paige Mahoney’s past is about to return – an enemy that could quench the flame of hope for good . . .”


There isn’t a full synopsis, a specific day in March, or even preorder links yet but this book is one of my most anticipated releases so… 🙂

What book are you eagerly anticipating the release of? ❤



COVER REVEAL: The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

So I really love The Bone Season. I love it like ‘holy crap it’s one of my all time favorite series ever, binge read new books in a few days, and need the next one asap’ love. So of course I was eagerly (obsessively) anticipating the cover reveal for The Song Rising.

We got news, via Samantha Shannon’s twitter, this week that not only were we getting a cover reveal but that there was also going to be a new cover design for the third book and also a re-design for the first and second book. I was a tad bit skeptical because I love the original covers. However…






I love how understated, yet powerful they made them. They’re definitely less busy than the original covers, which is oddly nice (even though I still love the original covers and always will). I especially love the US TSR cover because of the color fade and how the words really pop off of it (I also live in the US and since that’s the cover for the one I’ll be buying I must admit I’m biased haha.).

I’m really looking forward to tomorrows reveal of the re-designed covers for The Bone Season and The Mime Order. I’m sure they’re both going to be as equally as gorgeous and I’m definitely going to have to rebuy them to go with The Song Rising!

The Song Rising is to be released in March 2017. 

Side Note: The spines for TBS, TMO, and TSR match. So if you don’t want to spend the money on the new covers they still look really good together. ❤

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.39.15 AM

If you’ve yet to have the chance the pick up The Bone Season or The Mime Order or are on the fence about whether you want to read them I highly recommend them. They really are amazing books and Samantha Shannon’s writing is incredible.



May Wrap-Up & Book Haul

I’ve had another crazy month; especially work and school wise. It’s been a tad bit overwhelming and extremely stressful, but a positive is that I actually conquered most of my TBR. I also spent way too much on books. Oops. I need to curb that book buying habit of mine haha.

Anyway! Sorry for the tad lateness of this post. Horrible flooding in the part of Texas I live in caused major mail delays so the main part of my book haul didn’t arrive on time. Which is okay; I’d rather our lovely UPS driver not risk his life driving through that. Seriously mother nature needs to step back and give Texas a break. We’ve had way too much rain!

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