The Five Stages of Anticipating a Book’s Release


Originally I had another discussion-esque post planned for this month but then I started thinking about how I react when I’m really anticipating the release of a book and decided that would be more fun to talk about. Between The Song Rising releasing at the beginning of the year and two of my other most highly anticipated reads releasing this month (one of them tomorrow as I’m writing this on May 1st) I’ve realized that I go through different stages when I’m excited about a book. Five stages to be exact, and I have a feeling a lot of us go through these. Especially when it comes to anticipating books in a series we love. This is going to be half serious half over dramatic but I hope it makes you guys laugh. 

The Five Stages of Anticipating a Book’s Release

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The Pros & Cons Of Being A Mood Reader


Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much of a mood reader I am and the fact that it has its upsides and its downsides. I know my fellow mood readers will agree with me when I say that it can sometimes be impossible to read a book when you’re a mood reader and just not in the mood for it. You try to start it and then find yourself getting impatient and/or walking away from the book. However, at the opposite end is when you’re really in the mood for a book and can’t put it down for anything. 

Which brings me to what I want to talk about –

The pros and cons of being a mood reader.

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What makes a fantasy novel good for you?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what qualities I love to see in a fantasy novel. What makes a fantasy novel a hit for me, what makes it a miss? As someone who reads a lot of fantasy I’ve noticed the more great ones I find the pickier I become. All of this led to me thinking about how we all have such different opinions when it comes to the books we love and the books we don’t (which is something I love about the book community). Qualities that lead to me loving a fantasy novel could be the qualities that lead to someone else hating the same novel and vice versa. We can all agree that the two things that make or break a fantasy novel are the characters and the world building but beyond that the waters get a bit murky. Which brings into play what I want to discuss –

What makes a fantasy novel good for you?

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What I Do While I’m In A Reading Slump


So, it’s been a bit since I last posted and while I have been around commenting it hasn’t been as consistent as it once was. I’ve been overwhelmed with school the past two months and then I also fell into my worst reading slump ever. As in I haven’t finished a book in over a month. What have I been doing instead of reading? Well, in lieu of a wrap up as I haven’t been around or reading a lot this month I figured I’d do a little post about what I do while I’m in a reading slump. Luckily I’ve been slowly crawling my way out of my reading slump, but this has pretty much been me for the past month and a half.

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Love Triangles. Are there exceptions?


Love triangles, a trope most of us really don’t like. Not only can it take away from the plot of a book but it can hinder character development and sometimes it just feels like a meaningless thing thrown in for extra tension or drama. It’s kind of like those filler episodes for tv shows that are added to prolong something. Pointless.

I avoid such books at all cost. If the synopsis of a book even hints at a love triangle I won’t read it. However, there are those books that don’t hint at it in the synopsis that I end up picking up. Sometimes I enjoy them despite it and sometimes I don’t (more often than not I don’t). But the fact that I do enjoy some of them got me thinking – are there exceptions?Read More »