The Pros & Cons Of Being A Mood Reader


Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much of a mood reader I am and the fact that it has its upsides and its downsides. I know my fellow mood readers will agree with me when I say that it can sometimes be impossible to read a book when you’re a mood reader and just not in the mood for it. You try to start it and then find yourself getting impatient and/or walking away from the book. However, at the opposite end is when you’re really in the mood for a book and can’t put it down for anything. 

Which brings me to what I want to talk about –

The pros and cons of being a mood reader.

Mood Reading Pros

Enjoying books more often than not.

Mainly, I’m a genre mood reader. I go on genre binge readings where I’m really into fantasy or dystopian or contemporary and can’t bring myself to read anything else outside of the genre I’m in the mood for. I’ve found that when I’m on a genre binge I tend to enjoy most of the books I read and come across ones that I don’t like less often. 


Sometimes mood reading can make it easier to find something to read.

This is a double-edged sword because it isn’t always true. However, sometimes I find it easier to find books to read when I’m in the mood for a certain genre. I have a list of contemporaries for when I’m in the mood for them and the same goes for every other genre I like. For example, I’m currently on the biggest fantasy binge and have yet to not be able to find another book to read in months.

tangled-rapunzel singing-reading-books-animated-gif.gif

You know what books to avoid.

I feel like this point might go hand in hand with my first pro, but I’ve found that I can more easily avoid books I know I’m not going to want to read at that moment. Of course, that isn’t always the case given that during my fantasy slump last year I tried to read Nevernight and that didn’t work out at all. BUT most of the time being a mood reader comes through for me on this.


Mood Reading Cons

It almost always leads to a slump of some kind. 

When I really get in the mood for a genre I pick up book after book after book in said genre to the point where I almost always end up in a fantasy slump or a contemporary slump or even sometimes a reading slump in general. Last year I went through the worst fantasy slump due to mood reading and then this year, so far, I’ve been contemporary slump central. I feel like mood reading can lead to slumps easily because after a while of reading a lot of the same you can burn yourself out.


You can almost never stick to your TBR.

I know I’m not the only one for this. Us mood readers have a really tough time sticking to our TBRs more often than not. We’ll make a list or say we’re going to read this book or that and then a lot of the times other books distract us and make us forget we ever had a list in the first place. I’m guilty of always venturing from my TBR. I try but it just isn’t plausible for me.


When mood read strikes and you have review books – AKA the worst possible thing.

This happened to me for the first time ever at the beginning of the year. All of my review books aside from one were contemporary and all I wanted to read was fantasy. Just the thought of it sent me into more of a contemporary slump than I was already in. Honestly, I feel like this is my worst mood reading con because you know you can’t ignore the review books, especially when they’re ARCs, but all you want to do is ignore the review books and read what you’re in the mood for. Really it’s a no win situation.

Now onto the part where I discuss this with you guys.

Are you a mood reader?

What are your pros and cons? Do we share any?

Also, have you ever run into mood reading head first while having review books?




56 thoughts on “The Pros & Cons Of Being A Mood Reader

  1. *Le Sigh* I’m starting to believe you are my other book soul sister lol, I am currently in the middle of a HUGE Fantasy slump. I Binged hardcore all Fantasy books due to ARCS that were due in that genre smh. I managed to squeeze in The Upside of Unrequited & Thank the universe for that ciz I needed it. I also didn’t want to ever finish that book and return to fantasy yet here I am duty calls, I’m reading Spindle Fire -_- so I completely understand you on that. I’m a mood reader on hiatus lol…I’m trying to get through my arcs so that I can get back to reading whatever the mood strikes *Whoop Whoop* 😉

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    • YAY for book soul sisters!! *high fives* lol
      That was exactly me except with contemporary ARCs. Though not even on as big a scale as yours because I know you have a huge list. But now that I have zero ARCs I’m in the biggest contemporary slump and even though there are ones I want to read I can’t bring myself to read them 😢. Good luck with the rest of your ARCs! I look forward to your thoughts on Spindle Fire because I’ve heard mixed things about it. 😊

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  2. YAS about leadining to a slump. Sometimes literally no book sounds good whatsoever D: Same with reviewing books. I just started a Netgalley account and have gotten a few books to review. Now I’m scared when I have time, I won’t be in the mood to read the books D:

    Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages

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  3. This post is the reason why I had to rid myself of monthly TBRs. I’m such a mood reader, but I’m usually good at knowing what book I want to read next, so I just decided to go with the flow and read what I want now. I also started limiting my requests on ARCs because I’ve found that I will usually procrastinate when it comes to reading them and reviewing them on time. >.< But I still wouldn't change my mood reading ways if I had a choice, haha.

    Great discussion, Melissa!

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    • Same, I actually got rid of monthly TBRs last year and only started them back up as less of a ‘I-must-stick-to-this-list’ thing and more of a I know what I want to read next because I’m in the mood for it at the moment list. But I’ve started limiting my ARC requests too because I do the same most of the time. I’m on at ban right now though after all the ARCs I had at the beginning of the year, I needed a break.
      I wouldn’t change my mood reading ways either. Honestly it steers me towards more books I end up loving than anything.
      Thanks so much!! 💕😊


  4. Such a great discussion! I hardly ever make TBRs -unless when I have ARCs, then they obviously need to be a priority- because I tend to be a mood reader as well, sometimes I’m really into contemporary novels and I’ll read a couple books in a row. I tend to try and vary, though, like, one contemporary then one fantasy book, in order to avoid book slumps of any kind and to change things up a bit. For now it seems to be working 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Marie!! 😊 I make them and then rarely stick to them. Unless I’m reading a series and then that might be one of the first times I actually stick to my TBR. And then, of course, with ARCs too. I always force myself to stick with a TBR when it comes to ARCs even if it’s hard to sometimes.
      I need to start doing that! Once I get over this contemporary slump anyway. Maybe if I balanced it out a bit more I wouldn’t get into so many genre slumps. 😂

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  5. These are all great points Melissa, and I actually agree with pretty much all of them. Being a mood reader can suck sometimes when it comes to review books because if I’m not in the mood for them I will take ages to finish them. I’ll be sitting on the train with my Kindle on my lap and found I’ve been staring out the window for ten minutes rather than reading. :/
    Also the genre slumps can be a massive killer too, at the moment I’m making the most of the fantasy binge I seem to be one because I’m pretty sure it means soon I’m going to really be slumping on that genre.
    I’ve actually managed to stick to my monthly TBR lists for the past couple of months. I think it’s helped that I’ve been on a fantasy binge for the past month and a half so I’ll pick up any fantasy book. 🙂 Just wait until I’m slumping on fantasy and I doubt I’ll cross more than one book off my monthly TBR list! 😀
    Great post Melissa, I don’t see too many people talking about what kind of reader they are. I guess there are a lot of mood readers out there! Personally I can’t imagine being any other kind of reader, despite the pitfalls there sometimes are. 😀 ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Beth!! I can relate to getting distracted from review books easily when you’re just not in the mood for it. I actually tend to procrastinate so bad and just reread a ton of books when that happens. Which is never good because then I get behind on review books. 🤦
      I’m doing the same! Slow reader that I am hasn’t gotten through many fantasy books during this binge but I have gotten through some great ones. But we’re bound to be slump central sooner or later and I’m just not ready to be in a fantasy slump. 😢
      Surprisingly I’ve not ventured too far off of my TBRs for the last few months for that same reason. I mean I’ve knocked off a book here or there because I couldn’t get into it or didn’t have the time but beyond that I’ve been pretty good because of the fantasy binge. Usually, I’m all over the place though and can never stick to it.
      I’m thinking a lot of us are mood readers and I wonder if it’s a book blogger thing lol. I can’t imagine being any other type of reader either because even with the downsides I seem to love more books than I don’t because of it. 😁

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      • That’s all right, and yeah I guess in that case it’s good that there’s normally a fair bit of time to get around to review books, gives you time to actually be in the mood for them. I always try and get around to review books by my own personal deadline, kind of stops me from procrastinating with them. I guess for you it’s been a case of quality over quantity, and to be honest that’s the best way because it’s better to have books you enjoy than books you don’t.
        I’m not ready either. I’ve gotta hope my fantasy binge survives ACOWAR, not sure how likely that is though. :/
        Oh that’s good, and actually I think I’ve stuck to my to-read list for this month as well. I guess that’s another good thing that’s come from this fantasy binge.
        Who knows? But I wonder what other types of readers there are in that case. It kind of feels strange the me that there are people out there who aren’t mood readers. 🙂

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      • Definitely, I usually read mine a month in advance to make sure I finish them in time. Although it doesn’t always work out when the publisher approves me a week before the book is released, which has happened twice.
        Yeah, it’s been a case of quality over quantity and I completely agree. I’d rather it be that way any day since I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve been reading.
        Same. To be honest the second I finished ACOL I started to feel it coming on. I’m rereading ACOMAF at the moment because all I want to read is ACOWAR and can’t bring myself to read anything else. Not a good sign. 😣
        Funny enough a little bit back someone I follow wrote a great post about different types of readers:
        It’s funny and really interesting. Made me realize that I’m not just a mood reader. 😊

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      • I’ve had a few books like that. Most of the time I’ve been approved with enough time to read and review, and some with time for me to leave those books on the back burner for a while until I’m in the mood for them.
        That’s the most important thing, that you enjoy reading, otherwise why do it?
        That’s the start isn’t it? I have a few others on my to-read list before I’ ready to slump on fantasy, here’s hoping I can make it through them before that happens.
        Ohh, I’ll definitely have to check that out. I may not just be a mood reader either then! 🙂

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      • For me, the ones approved with a week to spare are always late. But only because it seems to happen when I’m in the middle of another book. Though I have a feeling whenever that happens to publisher is more understanding. With all the other’s though I’ve had plenty of time too.
        Exactly! 😊
        Possibly the start. I did finish my reread of ACOMAF though and am currently rereading some favorite contemporaries. Here’s to hoping temporarily switching genres plus rereading keeps the slump off for a little longer! 😊

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      • Oh god that must suck. It’s things like that that make me glad I’m a fast reader and I have plenty of time each day to read. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an ARC after it’s release but then again I don’t think I’ve ever been approved for one with only a week before it’s release either. 🙂
        I’ve started picking up a few contemporaries here and there. Seems like I’m slowly coming out of my contemporary slump, here’s hoping that’s not the beginning of a fantasy one though! 🙂

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  6. I’m SUCH a mood reader, this year I’ve been in such a contemporary kick. I’ve had some hard times trying to find some good contemporaries to feed my hunger for them, I’ve fallen into a lot of slumps because of this. But I’ve also found some amazing books! I usually also like to mix it up with one contemporary than one fantasy/sci-fi

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    • See, it’s been the opposite for me. I’ve been on a huge fantasy kick. And then I’ve been in a huge contemporary slump. Whenever it ends I definitely need to start mixing it up because then maybe I wouldn’t fall into genre slumps so easily. 🙈

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  7. Amazing post Melissa! ❤ I'm definitely a mood reader as well and I relate to all of these soooo much! The worst thing about being a mood reader for me is having to read review books, but not actually wanting to read them. Soooo I'm extremely behind on those books and I'm trying to catch up (kind of). Though it's also true that I tend to enjoy books more whenever I'm in the mood for a book! 😀

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    • Thanks so much, Anna!! Same about the worst thing being having to read review books and not wanting to. I actually have two sitting on my NetGalley shelf from the beginning of the year. Which I feel really bad about but can’t bring myself to read them at the moment. 😖
      I feel like being in the mood for a book makes it that much more enjoyable for sure. 😊

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  8. I’m kind of a mood reader, but I’ve had to do my best to train myself out of it, because you nailed it–review books and reading schedules! I have a pretty strict ARC schedule I have to stick with to be able to keep up with my work and blogging, so not being in the mood for a book makes it so much tougher. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it used to be, and now I get to read almost whatever audiobooks I want, so that helps my moody genre needs 🙂 Wonderful post!

    Brittany @ Brittany’s Book Rambles

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    • Thanks so much, Brittany!! 😊
      I need to see if I can train myself out of it. Not that it doesn’t have its advantages but it really does suck when you have ARCs or review books. Though at the moment I’m on a self-imposed ban so that isn’t problem but still. 😂


  9. Mood reader here! And I agree with EVERYTHING! Another con of mood reading is that I tend to hate a book I would normally like if I’m not in the mood for its genre? Like when I’m in a contemporary mood, and I read a fantasy and I just hate it, but I know that given other circumstances I would have felt differently..

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    • YES! That happens to me too. Like with Nevernight, it would usually be a book I loved given it’s fantasy and that’s my favorite genre but I was in a huge fantasy slump when I tried to read it. I couldn’t get into it for anything and had to put it down because I wasn’t liking it. Though I know if I were to pick it up now I would love it. 🤦
      Ahhh the problems of mood readers lol.

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      • It’s really sad when that happens! Though I think the key is just to be the master of your own moods, haha. Like, whenever I don’t feel like reading contemporary, then I won’t, because I’ll definitely just be wasting my time, and then just revisit the book when I’m in the mood for the genre again.

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      • Definitely! Most of the time I’m great at steering clear of books whenever I know I’m not in the mood for them but then sometimes I try to read the book anyways. I need to learn not to do that because it never works out. 😂


  10. Oh my god yes at this entire post! I love that it means I can pretty much read /anything/ but it’s SUPER frustrating when I’m trying to read certain books – ESPECIALLY review books. It also makes me have slumps a lot too because sometimes I’m just not feeling ANYTHING??? Or I’ll have no idea what I want to read so I just won’t read anything because it’s all too much 😂

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    • Same! I swear this year I’ve taken to avoiding taking on review books or ARCs because I’ve been in complete mood reader mode. I just know the second I take on a review books I won’t want to read it even if I think I will at the time 🙈😂. And I can so relate to having no idea what to read and just deciding not to read anything because of it. A lot of mini reading slumps have started for me because of that. Ahhh the problems us mood readers go through! We want to read all the books but sometimes it just doesn’t work out lol.


  11. Love this post, Melissa! I wouldn’t categorize myself as a mood reader, as I tend to read whatever I can get my hands on and whatever sounds good at the moment, which can change from genre to genre. Although, I do tend to bend to my preference, which is fantasy. So, I’ll go on fantasy binges and read whichever YA (or adult) fantasy book I can find. This kind of gets me into trouble though, because sometimes I just pick up a book without looking at reviews and then I end up reading something truly terrible LOL. But I think it’s really interesting that you’re a mood reader. I don’t think I know many readers like that. It’s cool that it sometimes helps you avoid certain books and narrows your focus, but I can see how it can easily lead to a slump. Even though I’m not usually a mood reader, I’ve definitely experienced the slump this year, mostly because I had no time and I was just not in the mood to pick up any of the books (most of them fantasy) I had. For some reason Crown at Midnight and Caraval saved me. So, fantastic fantasy swooped in and saved me from reading…meh/bad fantasy? LOL, I don’t know what’s wrong with me XD

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    • Thanks so much, Azia! And funny enough I used to be exactly like that. I would grab whatever book I could get my hands on and read it, within my preferences of what I usually liked reading. It led to a lot of contemporary binges also… Anyway! I think blogging is what changed me into a mood reader, if that’s possible. Before blogging I didn’t really read based on my mood and I wonder if it’s because I know more of what I like now whereas I didn’t have that same pickiness before. Who knows? But, yeah, it can lead to some terrible slumps. Slumps I could probably avoid if I switched it up now and again LOL. YAY about Crown of Midnight (I so need to read ToG) and Caraval saving you from your reading slump though! I definitely think whenever you go from a bad fantasy to a great one it can pull you out of a slump. 😁

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      • That’s interesting that blogging turned you into a mood reader, but definitely understandable. Reading other blogs and getting to know which type of books catch your fancy probably narrowed your reading interests, which in most ways, is a good thing. It’s best to read what you love rather than read what others tell you to read. At least, that’s what blogging has taught me. But yeah, sometimes switching genres here and there can bring you out of slumps. A List of Cages also helped bring me out of my slump because it was a nice change of pace from all the fantasy I was reading. Actually any good book might pull you out of a slump, no matter the genre. You just have to be willing to try something new once in a while, I think!

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      • True, I definitely need to start switching up the genres every now and then. Throw some quick contemporaries in there mixed in with all the fantasies. 😂 And I agree that pretty much any good book can pull you out a slump. Which is probably why I’m still in a contemporary slump. I just need to pick up one of the great new releases. 🙈

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  12. Ahhh I love this and totally agree!! Being a mood reader is the best sometimes but also so not sometimes haha. I was on the biggest contemporary binge for a while (tbh I think I still am) and I can’t seem to stop???? Agh. And then another time I was in a fantasy mood, tried picking up a contemporary that I know would be good and… zilch. Just couldn’t continue?? And currently there are so many fantasy books I want to read but yet it feels like I don’t have many options or books

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    • It really is! Sometimes I’m so glad I’m a mood reader and then others when I can’t figure out what to read at all it’s the worst. Funny enough I actually went on a mini contemporary binge a few weeks ago and I swear once you start binge reading contemporaries it really is hard to stop reading them. They’re quick reads and sometimes way too cute for their own good. But yeah when I’m in the mood for fantasy and try to read contemporaries it doesn’t work out either. I’ve actually started forcing myself to switch genres no matter what whenever I start feeling a slump coming on and it’s worked. That’s what I had to do after Lord of Shadows, I made myself read contemporaries for a little while. 😊


  13. Hmm… I’m not sure if I can definitely call myself a mood reader, but I certainly know I am currently experiencing my hugest reading slump yet. I recently finished a book that’s made into a major motion picture starring Emma Watson. I was super stoked about reading it, given that I found the idea definitely relevant to today’s digital age, but I was left utterly disappointed with the chaotic writing that would buildup suspense only to consistently let down the reader. This book itself has led to my reading slump. The fact that I simply was disappointed with the exposition of the novel has resulted in my negligence to pick up anything else out of fear that I may meet the same frustration.
    Any reading recommendations to help me get over the reading arc? Everything and anything welcome!
    Great, discussion post by the way 🙂


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