The Totally Should’ve Book Tag


I’m doing this tag for two reasons. One, because it’s been a while since I last did a tag and I really wanted to do this one. Two, because last week Google Chrome decided to delete all of my bookmarks and thus my whole folder full of tag links. Over half of the tags that I’ve been tagged in and had links to I’ve lost and I learned that my about me section doesn’t have all of them either. So, now I feel really bad. I just wanted to let you guys know because there are a lot of tags I was tagged in that I might never get around to. 😖

Now onto the post –

I’m pretty sure I was tagged by multiple people to do this but I only have the link to the one that Michelle @ Book Adventures tagged me in. Thanks so much again for the tag, Michelle! Be sure to check out her post for this as well as her blog because both are amazing. 💕

This tag was originally created by Emmmabooks on Booktube.

*covers link to Goodreads or my review

Totally Should’ve Gotten A Sequel


I’ve always thought that Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell should have gotten a sequel. (Wasn’t it talked about at one point as a possibility?) The ending always felt so open to me and while Cath’s story ended on a very resolute note I didn’t feel the same about the other characters in the story. I wanted to see more of Levi and Cath and what the future held for them. I wanted to see more of Cath’s sister Wren. And, of course, I wanted to see more of Cath’s roommate Reagan. I’ve just always wanted more.

Totally Should’ve Gotten A Spin-Off Series


I adored the Under the Never Sky trilogy! It’s still one of my top favorites when it comes to dystopia. However, the ending left me with so many questions. I won’t say anything because I don’t want to spoil it but I’ve always wanted a spin-off series or even just a novella after the last book.

An Author Who Should Write More Books

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Hands down, Jandy Nelson. I could never get enough books written by her! She’s one of my favorite contemporary authors and I’ve loved both of her books so much. I need more.

A Character Who Totally Should’ve Ended Up With Someone Else


At first, I didn’t think I had one for this because I’m the type of shipper who always ends up shipping whoever ends up together. Then I really thought about it and even though no one is technically together in the Dark Gifts books, yet, before the full introduction of the Jardines I shipped Abi and Silyen for some reason (not a spoiler but that’s not who her love interest ends up being). I don’t even know but once the idea of them together was in my head it wouldn’t go away. So, yeah, I wouldn’t mind them ending up together. (Right now anyway as there’s only one book in the series and who knows what’s going to happen with all of these characters in the other books.) 🙈

Totally Should’ve Had A Movie Franchise

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Who else thinks the Six of Crows duology would translate really well on screen? I would love it if these books got a movie franchise! They’re so action packed and suspenseful plus add in the fantasy elements and I think they would make really popular movies.

Totally Should’ve Kept The Original Covers


Even though I don’t mind the new covers and they’re also doing the old style as a special edition I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say they shouldn’t have changed the covers nearly in the middle of the series. One of my bookish pet peeves.

Totally Should’ve Stopped At Book One

This is probably a cop out answer but I don’t have a pick for this one. I think it’s because when I don’t enjoy the first book in a series I tend to not pick up the next one and then when I do enjoy the first book I almost always want more. I’ve never run into a series that I feel should have stopped at one book.

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52 thoughts on “The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

  1. OMG Yes Melissa! I have often imagined Six Of Crows on the big screen with Ketterdam being a dark & gray rainy setting…Scenes of Inej scaling the roofs while Kaz walks around with his cane smh VIVID! great picks this week 😉

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  2. Oh no Melissa that sucks about what happened to your tags folder! I normally keep my tags written in an Excel spreadsheet just so I can keep track of them. If I put them in a Bookmarks folder on my Internet I’d never be able to find them again.
    Still great answers for this tag, I pretty much, 100% agree with all of them! 😀
    I would love to see a sequel to Fangirl. Maybe one set a few years down the line so you can see Cath, Wren, Reagan and Levi after uni, would be an interesting take on a sequel. Also I would love a sequel for Under the Never Sky, there is so much potential there for another series.
    A movie for Six of Crows would be just amazing! Oh can you imagine seeing Kaz and the others and Ketterdam and all their adventures on the big screen? That would literally be a dream come true for me. And definitely TBS should have kept their original covers. I’ll admit to being a little bitter that my series won’t be complete given books one to three have one cover and four to seven will have another. I never like it when they change covers halfway through series either (I don’t think any book reader does though)
    Great picks for this one Melissa, and thanks so so much for the tag as well! 😀 ❤

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    • I so need to do that! I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing a spreadsheet but after losing my bookmarks again (for the second time but the first for the tags) I’m thinking that’s what I’ll have to start doing. I no longer trust Google Chrome with my bookmarks.
      Thanks so much, Beth!! 😁
      Yes! I would love a sequel set a few years down the line that shows what’s going on with everyone after they’ve graduated. I really hope that eventually she does do a Fangirl sequel. And there really is so much potential for future Under the Never Sky books! I’ve always wanted at least a novella to see how the characters are doing. The ending just had that openness that always makes me want more books lol.
      It would! Not only can I imagine seeing their adventures on the big screen but the beautiful settings. It would end up being a gorgeous movie cinematography wise! Hopefully one day it will end up becoming a movie. I’m surprised it’s not even been optioned yet given how popular Six of Crows was. I’m pretty sure it was in the top 5 or 10 on the NY Times Best Sellers List for a little over a year. And I knew you would agree about TBS’s cover change! Such a pointless cover change, especially near the middle of the series. I do think they’re still going to do special editions in the style of the original for the remaining books too. Unless that’s changed.
      You’re welcome!! 😁💕

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      • I’ll admit it makes everything a lot easier to keep up to date on. I used to write them all in a notebook but it was too easy to fall behind doing that. The only issue can be sometimes finding the tags again on people’s blog, especially if they don’t have a search box somewhere.
        That’s all right! 😀
        There’s always hope isn’t there, a story like Fangirl does have a lot of potential of being carried on again someday because you still have the whole of their lives to look back on. Here’s hoping if there ever is a sequel it will be one that lives up to the original. Same with Under the Never Sky actually. That’s a series I want to re-read soon thinking about it.
        See now we’re talking about it I really REALLY want to see a Six of Crows movie, it would be just amazing seeing it all on the big screen, and there’s so much action it’s not like it would be a boring movie at all or anything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it does get optioned one day.
        I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for special editions of the other releases then, it would be amazing if they did do that. I’m buying the new covers in paperback so unless they change though halfway through I’ll have at least one collection that matches! 😀 ❤

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      • I’ll definitely have to make a spreadsheet for mine, or at least the new ones I’ve gotten since. 😊
        Right? See, that would be my one worry. A sequel that doesn’t live up to the original. I feel like oftentimes contemporary sequels don’t live up to the original for me. Then again I’ve not read very many contemporaries that have sequels. Me too! It’s been so long since I last read Under the Never Sky. I really want to reread it along with this other trilogy so that I can do recommendations of them.
        Same, it would be incredible! Six of Crows has something for everyone – the action, suspense, fantasy, and just all of that. There really isn’t a dull moment in the book so I can see a movie of it being so popular. I’m keeping my fingers crossed too because it needs to happen!
        There is that, I plan on buying the news ones in paperback too. 😁

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      • It really does help keep things more organised, and it’s easy to update it as well so that’d be helpful as well.
        I’ve not read many contemporary sequels either but I think I’d have faith that, if Rainbow Rowell does write a sequel for Fangirl, she’d write an amazing one. There are so many trilogies I need to do rereads of so I can write reviews for them again. Gotta get started on that this year at least.
        I can see it being really popular as well. It would be one of those films everyone would see because it has something for everyone. God I really really want it to happen. Maybe if we keep out fingers crossed! 😀 ❤

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      • Same! I might actually put off my contemporary binge that I had planned for after ACOWAR and reread this one trilogy so that I can do reviews. Rereads are always fun and I think it would keep me out of a fantasy slump. (Unless of course I get caught in rereading ACOWAR because with how ACOMAF went that is a very big possibility. 😂)
        Me too and yes hopefully it does if we keep our fingers crossed! 😊

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      • I tend to find when I am in a slump re-reads can work just as well as changing genres. Going back to an old favourite always helps me a little.
        Also I reckon I’ll want to re-read ACOWAR as soon as I finish. I definitely need to re-read ACOMAF at least before it’s released! 😀

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      • Rereading during slumps tends to works as well as changing genres for me too. It gets me excited to read again! Except if I reread the books I just finished reading. Then I get stuck in my reread hole which tends to happen with ACOTAR and TBS. 😂
        And you should so reread ACOMAF! It’s always fun rereading that one.

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      • Exactly, and there’s something almost comforting about going back to a story you’ve already read where you know what’s coming and know where all the good bits are.
        Well when a book’s that good I can see why you can get stuck in re-read holes! 😀
        Oh I definitely will, with ACOWAR being released soon I’ll need to go back and re-read the first two, or ACOMAF at the very least! 😀

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      • Honestly, the beginning of Crooked Kingdom is really engaging and fast paced but towards the middle it does hit slow points and then it picks back up again. Overall I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn’t as flawless as I thought Six of Crows was but it was still pretty great. My only complainant is wishing there was more ending wise but I always wish that when I’m loving a book so that could just be a me thing and not the book. 😂 I really think it depends on the reader. Some have loved it as much as Six of Crows and other’s haven’t. *shrugs* It’s definitely worth the read though, especially if you end up loving Six of Crows. 😊

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    • Right? And YES to a Roar trilogy! I would give anything for that after the events of the last book. I would even be okay with just a little novella that lets us know what’s going on with the characters. Hopefully one day! *begs author* 🙈
      I completely agree and definitely if done right. I feel like the right director could turn her books into incredible movies.
      Thanks so much, Brittany!! 😁♥


  3. Ahh, it’s too bad that you lost all the bookmarks!! 😦 That happened to me to, when I started my blog and ever since then I have drafted them as posts (just added the title of the tag and who tagged me). This also gives me a better overview of all the ones that I need to do.
    The Six of Crows duology would make a very exiting movie!! I’m always scared of how it would be adapted though, especially with books that I adore – I don’t want them to mess up. Buuut it would seriously be amazing to have a movie of these books (if done right, of course). 😉
    Thank you for tagging me as well! ❤ I did already do this tag once, over a year ago. BUT I really want to do it again, so I shall. XD

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    • I need to start doing something similar to that! Either that or a spreadsheet because I so don’t trust Google Chrome with my bookmarks anymore. This is the second time it’s deleted some of my bookmarks randomly. 😖
      Same, I’m always scared of book to movie adaptations too. Especially after Divergent and Percy Jackson, they really messed up those two. I think given the right director Six of Crows could be amazing. I can already imagine how gorgeous it would be cinematography wise and then how exciting it would be to see it played out just right on screen.
      You’re welcome!! I can’t wait to see your answers. 😁♥

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  4. I do want Abi to have liked Silyen. Her being smart and all, I expect her to have some tricks up her sleeves like how mysterious Silyen is. It just doesn’t make sense for her to like the other guy. And yes, six of crows would be really cool in movies 😊 Great answers Melissa!

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    • Yay! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who would have preferred Abi with Silyen rather than Jenner. Right? I feel like they would make a great match because of that. And the scenes between them were some of my favorites in Gilded Cage. It really doesn’t make sense with Jenner and I never bought the whole romance between him and Abi. That was the only part of Gilded Cage I didn’t care for. 🙈 And hopefully one day we’ll get Six of Crows as a movie, it would be awesome. Thanks so much, Jasmie!! 😁💕

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  5. I’m so happy you did this tag 🌸
    I really liked I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, but I wasn’t as fond of The Sky is Everywhere. I’ll still be happy to read more books by her 😊 Even though I haven’t read The Six of Crows duology yet, I’m pretty sure it would make an excellent movie franchise!

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    • Of course, it was a fun tag!! Thanks for tagging me in it. 😁 Jandy Nelson so needs to publish more books. I think she’s supposed to be releasing one this year but I’m not completely sure. And hopefully one day the SoC books will be made into movies. 😊

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  6. OhI totally agree that the Six of Crows deserves a movie franchise. I would go see that in a heartbeat, as long as the casting is done well, of course! Unfortunately, I haven’t read the other books but I’ll be adding them to my TBR of course. Although, I’m pretty sure a good number of them are already on there LOL. Thanks so much for the tag! I’ve done this one already but I’m always up for doing another one! Great post Melissa ❤

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    • Definitely, as long as the casting is done well and they do the story in general justice I would be all for it. Plus, cinematography wise I could imagine the settings being so gorgeous! It needs to happen one day.
      And I hope you enjoy all of the other books when/if you get around to them. 😁
      You’re welcome, Azia! And thanks!! 💕

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      • Oh my god, I can just imagine how stunning those sets would be! Just gotta get the right director for it haha.
        Thanks, Melissa! I sure hope so, too. And no worries 😉 ❤

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  7. Oh my gosh, Jandy Nelson is such a great author!! I neeeeeeeeeed more of her books. And Fangirl should’ve totally had a sequel?? I miss them!! 😀 Totally want to know more of what’s happening in the characters’ lives. SIX OF CROWS YESSSSS. Even the names of the books are downright fabulous, honestly. I would kind of be terrified that the movies wouldn’t be faithful to the books, but I mean how amazing would it be to see all of the action play out in front of us??? I need this now haha. Thanks so much for the tag! ❤

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    • Me too! I’ve heard that she’s supposed to be publishing a book this year but have seen next to nothing about it. And hopefully one day we get a Fangirl sequel, it would be awesome! 😁
      See, I would worry about that too if the Six of Crows duology was made into movies but I think with the right director and team it could be incredible. Hopefully if it ever happens they’re turn out to be as amazing as the books.
      You’re welcome!! 😁♥


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