Books With A Purpose Tag


I was tagged by the lovely Gretchen @ chicnerdreads to do this tag. Thank you so much again ❤️! If you don’t already follow her then go check out her blog because she’s awesome and her blog is awesome. 😊


  1. Mention the person who tagged you in your post and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Fill out the 9 questions in the tag.
  3. For each question, insert a gif of how you feel about the book(s) or author.
  4. Tag 5 people and/or everyone to do this tag!
  5. Before you post the tag, do a five-second party dance. Cause you dat awesome.


1. Best story premise?


2. Best world building?


3. Best character?

Rhysand, ACOMAF


4. Best series?


5. Best tear jerker?


6. Best author?

Colleen Hoover, of course! 😊


7. Best writing style?

Hands down, Marie Rutkoski!


8. Best cover?

I have a minor obsession with these covers. 🙈


9. Best Ending?



Michelle @ Addictively Turning Pages

Sophie @ Book Wish

Jaed @ The Bibliophile Blogs

Donish @ bookitwithdon

Annalise @ AnnaliseBooks



35 thoughts on “Books With A Purpose Tag

    • They’re my favorite too 😂🙈! Falling Into You is definitely a tear jerker, I sobbed. But it’s an incredible book. The Sweet Evil trilogy is amazing too! I hope you enjoy both whenever you get around to them 😊. And yay to never ending TBRs! 🙈♥️

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  1. The books + THE GIFS XD = best post ever

    Thanks for the nomination!! 💕 (my answers are so similar to yours what am I going to do?!? 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

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