June TBR + Blog Goals


It’s TBR time again! Here’s to hoping I can stick to it again this month haha. Sadly I did’t completely finish my May TBR so a small bit of it is going to bleed into this month’s (Glass Sword). The rest of my June TBR consists of two books I keep hearing amazing things about and so I need to see how amazing they are for myself and then one book by an author I really love.


  • Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass
  • A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Mass
  • The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Guess who starts college this month? Me! I’m extremely excited but also feeling slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of juggling school, work, and my blog. That’s my biggest goal for this month; to do well in school and work, not slack on reading, and keep up with blogging. I’m only doing school part time and it’s online which means I’ll only be taking one class every nine weeks, but it’s been years since I was last in school. I think I was a more organized person back then haha.

That’s another one of my goals; to get more organized. I’ve been jumping in and not looking back or thinking twice with blogging. This month I have tabs for books, pre written posts, and a notebook for review notes and blog planning. I’m going to try to plan around my other obligations so that one doesn’t get in the way of the other and cause me to get extremely overwhelmed.

Hopefully I succeed but we shall see!

Do any of you lovely book bloggers out there that go to school and work as well as blog have any tips for me? 🙂

*I might be putting my Book Thoughts Thursday post on temporary hiatus starting June 13th for school. I’ll still post them every now and then but it won’t be a consistent once a week thing anymore.

So what is your June TBR and what goals do you hope to accomplish this month? 😀




11 thoughts on “June TBR + Blog Goals

  1. I can’t wait on what you think about ACOTAR and ACOMAF. Unfortunately, I tried reading ACOMAF after it was released because it wasn’t my kind of a book. Oh well, ha-ha. I’ll definitely try to finish it someday. But I do hope you’ll enjoy those books! I’m a college student too and I’ve just recently came out of hiatus because I suffer poor time management. He-he. Hope everything goes well for you in school and work!

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    • I hope so too! I feel like I need to lower my expectations a bit though haha. Besides a lot of people praising it I have seen mixed reviews 🤔. Sometimes I get really hyped about a book before I read it and end up being disappointed. Mostly I think it’s the fact that it’s about fairies that has me hyped and I tend to really enjoy fairy books 🙈. Oh no, I’m horrible at time management too haha. Thank you ♥️♥️♥️♥️!

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    • Oh no haha. I’m feeling more and more like I need to go into it with lower expectations 😂. Thank you ♥️! I’m right there with you; I’m horribly disorganized 🙈.


      • Nah, I think it was seeing more than a few negative reviews that’s made me feel that way haha. I have seen a lot of great ones too though so it’s been mixed. I hope so too 😊! I’ve only ever found one other fairy type series I’ve loved and I need more great fairy books in my life 😂.


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