Book Thoughts: Throwback Thursday

Today, while working, I came across a Throwback Thursday playlist on Spotify and oddly enough it got me thinking about throwback books. I’ve been trying to post at least three times a week; review, teaser Tuesday, and thoughts on Thursday. I was struggling with what I wanted to write for today but alas music helped me figure it out!

I was always a reader; my mom has a picture of me at three trying to read an angel book to my then new born baby sister. The Disney children books, Winnie the Pooh story book, and Dr. Seuss books were my favorites when I was really little. However, I can pinpoint those books and moments that caused reading to become more than just reading for me when I was older. I’ve decided I want to highlight a few of those childhood reads that really got me into reading.

First Book

#1 The Warriors Series by Erin Hunter


A book series where cats are the main character. What’s not to love!? But seriously, this series will always be THE series that got me into reading. I remember being so invested in the characters and the story. It was the first book series that really made me feel. I bawled at one of the characters deaths and to this day I still get sad when I think about it. I actually didn’t start with the first book or the first series when I picked these up. I started with the second book of the second series but the authors wrote in a way that even though I was spoiling everything that came before it was still easily understandable and explained everything. The Warriors series is actually comprised of several different authors under one name. I had the joy of meeting a few of them, virtually, via author chats because of a book website. They were the first authors I ever “met” and talked to. Those authors are a big reason why I got into writing. These books fueled my creativity and writing so much. They inspired me. They are also the reason I met my best friend; who I’ve now been friends with for almost ten years. So this series is definitely a HUGE reason why I love reading as much as I do. I feel like the book community, ten years ago, online wise was tiny compared to how big it’s become. I was apart of the small book community surrounding these books back then. It was an amazing experience. These books and the memories that surround them will always hold a special place in my heart. Sadly I never finished the series. I grew up and the series is still being written but one day I will pick them up and finish them. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll finish them by introducing and reading them to my own kids.

51ysrNDhV3L#2 Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

One of my English teachers in middle school turned me onto these books. I absolutely adored the idea of being able to read a character out of a book and my middle schooler self was envisioning a time where her house would be piled high with books like Maggie and her fathers house was. This book, the story, the authors writing, and the characters were so colorful and memorable that to this day I can remember so many details about the first book. I remember how it ended so clearly. I feel like this book is the reason I adore fantasy novels so much. I never got the chance to finish the series and I want to so badly. I used to own the full series but I think I lost them when we moved at one point. I need to rebuy them and reread them. I wouldn’t mind getting lost in that book world again.

BridgeTerabithia#3 Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

Who didn’t love this book and bawl their eyes out over it? This was an assigned reading in sixth grade for me and I devoured it! As in we were supposed to read it in class over a period of a few weeks and I finished it in two days while reading ahead of the audio the teacher had playing in class. It was the first contemporary novel I really loved. The friendship between the characters and their imaginary world were incredible to me. I remember going home and playing with my little sisters in the woods by our house and trying to pretend I was in that book. It made me realize how amazing the imagination is and how valuable friendship and family are. I will always be thankful to my sixth grade English teacher and the decision to have us read this book.

84981#4 Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

I actually saw the movie for this before I read the book. Oops. It was also another assigned reading in middle school that I ended up falling in love with. I don’t remember it as clearly as I remember the other three books but I remember coming away from reading it with an understanding of what it really could mean to live forever. How it might actually not be all it’s cracked up to be and that it holds a lot of consequences. Like The Bridge To Terabithia I remember loving the friendship and family aspect of this book. I also remember tearing up over it. It was a memorable read none the less and it further cemented my love for reading.


There seems to be a pattern in my list of some of the books that got me into reading; they all made me cry. What can I say? I love books that make the reader feel strongly like that. There’s also the fact that each and every one of these books was suggested or given to me by a librarian or a teacher. So thank you to every English teacher or librarian that I’ve come across in my life that has really made it their goal to foster a love for books and reading. I also want to thank my mom for always reading to me at bedtime when I was little, she was the one who planted the seed that eventually grew into my love for reading. This list is only a short one and not anywhere close to all of the books that got me into reading, but it’s a list of the few that are the most important to me.

What are some of the books that go you into reading?





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