Teaser Tuesday #1

Starting off my blog goals with this! I’ve seen two others doing Teaser Tuesday and I decided I wanted to join in because I love the idea. Although I’ve only just started reading The Winner’s Crime, so here’s to hoping I don’t spoil anything for myself! Thus far this series is becoming one of my favorites. It’s full of strong characters, a unique world, and suspense. It gives me Game of Thrones vibes and also makes me think of vikings. I really love books with an older feel like that. I highly recommend The Winner’s Curse(review|goodreads) if you’ve not read it and especially if you love the soilders, empire, battles, swords, horses type of fantasy sprinkled with a tad bit of romance.

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB from Books And A Beat!


“She could have asked why he had summoned her to dinner, and where the prince might be, but Kestrel had seen how the emperor loved to shape silence into a tool that pried open the anxieties of others. She let the silence grow until it was of her making as well as his, and only when the third course arrived did she speak.”

-Page 6, hardcover, The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

I opened it into the beginning of the book as to not spoil myself or others. Probably the least spoilery quote for anyone who hasn’t read The Winner’s Cruse too.

What are you guys currently reading? 🙂





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