National Poetry Month/Blackout Poetry

In honor of this month having been the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month I’ve decided to post a few blackout poems that I did. Which I did via my phone because I couldn’t bring myself to blackout a page in any of my physical copies. I can write words in the margins of books all day long but I can’t make myself take a black marker to the words on the page. Although I think it’s incredibly beautiful and work of art in itself and the words people pick out I would have to buy copies of books just for that purpose to be able to do it myself.


I actually hadn’t heard of blackout poetry until recently when I came across one by accident that took my breath away. I’ve never seen anything like it. In a way it reminded me of how powerful slam poetry is but in a quieter more subtle way. (By the way slam poetry is one of my favorites because of how powerful it is, because it’s so full of the person who writes it, and because it takes courage. Courage I wish I had.) The fact that I was so blown away by the blackout poem that I read is why I decided to try it out.


Side Note: Happy 200th Birthday to Charlotte Bronte! Who happens to be one of my favorite authors classics wise. It’s amazing how literature, art, and anything remotely creative can transcend time and the person who created the work.

Other Side Note: I’m going to be posting my current top 5 favorite books and why they’re my favorite soon as a little extension(/recommendation) of the april book challenge I’m doing on instagram at the moment that had a day for posting a picture of your top 5 favorite books. I’ll also be posting a review of The Winner’s Curse within the next week, which I am loving that book by the way. And I’ve put my monthly reread idea on hold as I’ve gotten distracted by my current read. Oops.






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