Music Musings & Current Read Update

What can I say I like the word musings!

I had a thought today about music. Do you ever hear a song for the first time that you knew existed but never listened to and wonder why you waited so long to listen to it? I especially had that experience today with Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye. I also found a cover of it that I’m absolutely in love with and can’t stop listening to. I automatically added it to one of my book playlists. Which got me thinking.

Who else makes playlists for books or OTPs that they really love?

I had one for The Hunger Games and Hush, Hush forever ago that I sadly lost. However, I’m currently making one for The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices. Which I actually plan on posting when I’m finished with them.

I love how books and music can go hand in hand. Or art and books. I love how creativity can come from reading in general since it’s creativity in itself.

This post is definitely running away from it’s original intent but it was just something I was thinking about today.

Now onto my current read. I’m currently reading Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan and am nearly done with it so expect a review this weekend! It’s taken me a little while to read it because I started a new job this week that required a week of studying and exam taking to get. There just isn’t enough time in the day as they say!

Well I hope all of you are having a lovely day. 🙂




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